Guthrie Theater selling TEXTING Seats

Guthrie Theater selling TEXTING Seats

The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis recently announced it has established a special section in the balcony called “Tweet Seats” where patrons can Text to their hearts content (as long as the Sound is off on the device).

Go here if you don’t know what TWEETS or Twitter are.

I see this becoming a great draw and will encourage the “younger” crowd to attend live shows. Kudos to The Guthrie for leading the way and adopting new ideas. Tweet Seats will also be good for ticket sales in my opinion, since the receivers of the texts may come on over and join the fun.
guthrie minneapolis inside
Tweet Seat tickets for last week’s showing of “The Servant of Two Masters,” tickets were selling for $15. A win/win for theater goers and the management. Good for Minneapolis Saint Paul too.

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